Please be aware that there is a full out of hours vet service available locally. If you think your pet has been poisoned do not be afraid to contact your vet.

Thank you to the kind vet who provided assistance with this post.

Signs to look out for if you think your cat has been poisoned include the following :

Clinical signs : wobbling, head tremors, central nervous system signs, eg. lack of coordination, twitching, seizure-like behaviour, violent vomiting, wanting to be isolated.

Anti-freeze poisoning is acute and can be quick acting, you can see the signs within half an hour to 12 hours.
Rat poison is more slow acting, and it can take days to see the signs, but it is acting within the body.

You know your pet best and know what is normal for them but repeated vomiting or seizure like behaviour are definite reasons to visit the vet.

Sadly a pet died over the weekend because the owner was unaware of the out of hours service from their local vet. Please share this information to prevent further pain or loss.


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