Many cats kill birds around the world. In 2011 a study showed that cats have contributed to the extinction of 22 different bird species around the world. In the UK it is estimated that domestic cats kill around 55 million birds each year. According to an article in the Irish Examiner “If predation rates for American and Irish cats are broadly similar, we would have about four million bird casualties annually.”

But now two pet owners think they’ve found a solution by turning their collars multicoloured. The idea was first tested out by one cat owner trying to stop her cat killing birds, and now a study in the US seems to suggest that the Birdbesafe collar cover may have a signifiicant impact on cats who hunt birds.

Songbirds see bright colors especially well–even in low light. Their eyes include specialized cones for easily perceiving bright colors and making those bright colors appear prominent in the environment. Their special extra rods help them to see bright colors well in low light conditions, like at dawn or dusk. (Read more at BirdsBeSafe’s website)


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