Westmeath SPCA appreciate your continuing support, the January 2017 Churchgate collection raised €2,060.40, thank you!

If you would like to make a donation you can do so online, or by contacting us directly.

Westmeath SPCA is entirely volunteer run and is a registered charity, CHY11491. The Westmeath SPCA looks out for the welfare of the animals of Westmeath with care and respect. Our Charitable objectives are Prevention or relief of suffering of animals, to promote and provide for animal welfare. The principal purpose of Westmeath SPCA is to advise and deal appropriately with cases of animal cruelty and hardship.

Last year, the Westmeath SPCA’s inspector handled calls regarding over 700 cats and kittens, 100 dogs plus calls about over 50 horses. The current Westmeath SPCA inspector took on the role in April 2016.

Of the 100 dogs last year, some were strays who were reunited with their owners (38), strays that ended up in the pound system (18), dogs that went to other rescues, 22 then another 22 rehomed by Westmeath SPCA.

For the protection and care of animals. Please be responsible in your animal ownership.


(Originally posted on Westmeath SPCA’s facebook page)


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