Researched April and May 2017

This is a bit of a list, it doesn’t cover in complete detail all the costs incurred by animal welfare charities but it gives a good idea of the type of expenses that any animal welfare charity pays out regularly.

  • Pet bedding, there is a huge variety of types of pet bedding and it is usually a cost that can be spread out over time, so in many ways the cost of pet bedding is one of the smaller costs unless of course you are dealing with sick or injured pets when the bedding gets easily soiled and has to be very regularly cleaned and replaced.
  • Flea and worm treatments, when you consider the monthly cost for a small cat can be €8- each month this is a cost that quickly adds up but especially with such mild and changeable weather one that can’t afford to be skipped. Annual cost almost €100- for one small cat.
  • Food, this can vary greatly depending on the size and health of the pet, I’ve just gone for a small to medium size dog, on average 90 cents to €1-40 per day, totalling probably over €420- per year. This is not allowing for any special requirements or much in the way of variety or treats. The spread is because dogs’ levels of activity and appetites vary.
  • Health check, veterinary charges vary greatly depending on whether it’s just a regular check-up or something more, generally the least you are charged for a consultation for a pet is €40-.
  • Microchipping, a legal requirement for dogs can cost up to €30- per dog.
  • Spaying and neutering, if ever there is a case for doing research and shopping around this could probably be it. The cost of these operations depends on the size and requirement of the pet, in the case of dogs usually between €100- and €200-, for cats from €25- to €70-.
    Unless there is a specific reason not to spay or neuter your own pet Westmeath SPCA would recommend you spay/neuter them, it is a major step towards reducing the unwanted pet population as well as having health benefits
  • Vaccinations, again vary depending on age and animal, puppy vaccination €70-, kitten vaccination €90-, dog annual booster €40- and cat annual booster €60- for an indoor/outdoor cat.
  • Other veterinary expenses, often procedures require general anaesthetic and that can be €75-.
    Dental work may not be needed regularly but as it can require general anaesthetic it can add up quickly, one extraction on its own is €20-, cleaning including general anaesthetic starts from €150-.
    The above outlines the main regular or essential veterinary charges involved in a pet’s life. This can vary widely according to geographical location, availability of special deals or recently veterinary surgeries are offering payment plans. Of course when a pet is sick or injured other costs such as x-rays or second opinions may have to be added.

Outside of the health and care of the animals in an organisation’s care, the facility and associated transport costs are a large concern. The building must be maintained and insured, both ongoing costs. Vehicles must also be insured and maintained. Fuel for heating and transport is another constant expenditure.
Along with these large expenditures there are smaller incidental outlays such as collars, leads, toys, yes stimulation, exercise and play are all essential to an animal’s wellbeing!

This has tried to help explain the constant request for donations to animal welfare charities such as Westmeath SPCA. Just like keeping any concern functioning and operating Westmeath SPCA needs the ongoing goodwill of many supporters. Every little bill adds up but so does every little donation add up!

If you can help us we accept donations online, or if you would prefer an alternate method of donation please see our donations page.


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