Every so often there are notable times in the calendar, recently Westmeath SPCA have marked two such weeks; May 1 – 7 Be Kind to Animals Week andd May 21 – 27 Dog Bite Prevention Week

We marked Be Kind to Animals Week with a number of posts on facebook & twitter, you can find them all under #BeKindToAnimals
if we all do

And for just gone-by Dog Bite Prevention Week we discovered these useful resources that we would like you to have readily available.

In 2003 The Kennel Club established this challenge for kids to learn and practice respectful and responsible behaviour towards dogs. As the kids progress through the challenge they gain stars to reward behaviour approved of by the canine characters, at the end there’s even a certificate to print out to put on the wall and display proudly!

Play the game here – http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/training/safe-and-sound/play-the-game/

And in the non-virtual world there is:

Based in Lucan, The Pawsitive Dog Trainer delivers the Madraí Programme to schools and clubs or groups wherever it’s required.

The Programme may be delivered at different levels to meet different needs, Level 1, suitable for primary schools, Level 2, suitable for teens and Level 3, suitable for adults.

At the end of the Programme participants receive badges showing that they have been educated in how to safely and naturally approach and interact with a dog.

Pawsitive Dog Training can be contacted on 087 743 8478 and they’ll be delighted to answer your queries about planning to run the Madraí Programme for your school or club.

You can also visit them online at http://www.pawsitivedogtraining.ie/madrai-programme/4585462352dog bite prevention week


The following Promise Pledge was developed by the ISPCA and  Learn with Dogs Trust – helping to educate young people about dog ownership

  • To Love
  • To Provide a Home
  • To Keep Safe
  • To Provide The Right Nutrition
  • To Allow Your Dog Be A Dog, To Live A Life They Enjoy

5 Promises Pledge-1


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