An innocent comment by a follower on Westmeath SPCA Facebook page in spring 2017 led to some research on the variation in dog adoption fees across the country, here follows what was discovered. (Please note figures may change, contact the rescue involved for exact details)

Nowadays, a dog must be microchipped so that is included in the adoption fee, depending on the age of the dog neutering is usually included too.

Locally Friends of Animals charge only €80-. Friends of Animals take in and rehome all sizes and breeds and mixes of breeds of dog, so whatever you could be dreaming of could well be there!

The next animal welfare charity looked at was the ISPCA, they ask for a donation of €100-. In the four years since 2013 this has only increased by €20- from €80-. The ISPCA also take in and rehome all sizes and types of dogs.

PAWS in Co Tipperary ask for a donation of €120-. PAWS are best known for taking in and rehoming sight hounds and difficult to rehome dogs. This statement is copied straight from their website; All dogs will be neutered, vaccinated, flea-treated and wormed before rehoming, this costs us on average 180 euro, so please understand why our minimum donation for adoption is 120 euro, anything over that is greatly appreciated.

That statement is a real eye opener, it goes to show that most of the animal welfare charities throughout the country are bearing most of the costs and are doing as much as they possibly can to help you find your perfect four legged forever companion. Adoption donations of €80- and €100- leave a big gap that needs to be filled before medically and legally necessary costs are met without factoring in food, heating, bedding and other basics.

ASH in Wicklow ask an adoption donation of €130-.

Dogs Trust also ask an adoption donation of €130-.

Madra, Galway ask an adoption donation of €150-.

The DSPCA charge €150- plus €15- for microchip registration.

A very limited pet insurance cover is included in Dogs Trust’s €130- and the DSPCA’s €150-.

So, the statement Shop Local seems to very much apply to adopting man’s best friend and remember the requested adoption donation may only cover some of the costs incurred in getting your new pooch ready to meet you so if you’re able to add extra to the adoption donation it would help a lot and be very much appreciated. Or a few bags of dog food and dog treats for the friends your new dog leaves behind!


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