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Where to turn to to get help or information

Locally, to report or seek advice on cases of animal cruelty and hardship, contact the Westmeath SPCA inspector 086 6383730.

For general information and enquiries including how to make donations either get in touch via social media, Twitter or Facebook or or email

NB Westmeath SPCA website, social media and email are run by volunteers and are not for urgent support or to report cruelty please contact the inspector in such circumstances.

To report cruelty in writing or in confidence; contact the ISPCA :

For information about most things relevant to Animal Welfare in Ireland look on the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine website

The Animal Health and Welfare Legislation section lists the various acts and regulations covering animals.
You can contact the department at and select animal health and welfare. Or Lo-call 0761 064 400 / 01 607 2000

For Veterinary Assistance

Other nearby animal rescues and rehoming facilities

Information on Dog Trainers

Westmeath SPCA have occasionally been asked for information on dog training so here is a selection of what Westmeath SPCA have found out.
Please remember to do your research and select the right solution for you and your pet, what’s perfect for one may not work at all for another. Things like time and cost are just two of the many deciding factors to consider, remember you know your situation best! Have fun!
And finally if you want to travel or there are home study options available –
King of Paws, mainly located at DSPCA, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16 also offers courses in other areas of Dublin, Wicklow and Kildare.
Contact : 01-4994795
Please note Westmeath SPCA can not recommend or endorse any business, this is for your information.