We help homeless and abandoned animals find new homes every day through our shelter- could you help us?

By donating to the Westmeath SPCA you will enable us to keep providing temporary shelter, care, and veterinary service to homeless and abandoned cats and kittens.  Your generous help will also go to the other animals who find themselves at our shelter: goats, chickens, and injured horses who are here for the short term, etc.

All donations go directly to the cats and kittens and other animals at the shelter and are used to sustain and improve our facilities.

Do you have any fundraising ideas? Or would like to run an event for Westmeath SPCA? If so, please get in touch with us.

If you’d like to make a regular donation to Westmeath SPCA account, please get in touch via email to westmeathspca@gmail.com and we can talk you through how to set it up.

If you’d like to add a bequest to Westmeath SPCA to your will, please write to us at westmeathspca@gmail.com and we can give you all the information you will need.

There are also other options to help Westmeath SPCA, please keep an eye on the Westmeath SPCA social media pages for regular updates and from time to time we establish partnerships with organisations and businesses to help and support the ongoing efforts of Westmeath SPCA such as the donation bin in Petworld, just say you want the item you wish to donate to go to Westmeath SPCA and Petworld contacts Westmeath SPCA to arrange collection.

You can also sign up with Go Raise and your regular shopping online will help raise money for us. Find out more here.

We accept donations via paypal : paypal.me/WestmeathSPCA,
IDonate : https://www.idonate.ie/3730_westmeath-spca.html

You can also donate directly to our bank account :
Bank Of Ireland,
IBAN: IE03BOFI90185315754091

You can help by purchasing items from our Amazon Wish list.